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Current projects

More about current Isogeo project

Plugins ArcGIS

Our users are also ArcGIS users and they would like to use the features of Isogeo directly in their GIS. Therefore, Isogeo works in partnership with Memoris to develop a connector Isogeo-ArcGIS Desktop and also with ArxIT to develop widgets for web portals. Let's meet at SIG2015 to see a demonstration.


Isogeo API V1

The Isogeo platform is in the form of an API - Application Programming Interface - in which Isogeo has developped several applications :,, This API is today fully operational and used by some integrator partners (Memoris, ArxIT, Sword and Pixup). The usages os this API are unlimited : GeoPortal, collaborative platform, Open Data portal, connector for ArcGGIS, etc... This project consist in delivering in september 2015 the first public version of the API.